Non-Financial Ways to Support a Missionary

As a church member, I listened to many missionaries come to my church, talk about their ministry, and present the opportunity to sow a financial seed into the work they were doing. I would often feel drawn to them, engage in conversation with them after the service, and ask how I could help, only to … Continue reading Non-Financial Ways to Support a Missionary

Of Deconstruction and Disillusionment: A Letter

Dear friend, First, I want to congratulate you on your success. I’ve watched your growth over the years, and I’ve seen how far you’ve come through many personal battles. Congratulations on making it this far. Second, you’re right. I’ve heard your repeated statements against the culture of the Christian church, pointing out a culture steeped … Continue reading Of Deconstruction and Disillusionment: A Letter

The Theology of Justice: Sustainability

Allow me the privilege of preaching from a soap box for a moment. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, consumerism is defined as “the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods.” Americans are known for consumerism, but it is a quality of many Western-culture countries. Both the American and European fashion industries promote … Continue reading The Theology of Justice: Sustainability

Local Outreach in a Pandemic

What does local outreach look like when opportunities to volunteer are restricted, donation intake is limited, and the needs of your community are climbing? This is the exact situation we have found ourselves facing for the past seven months. Across the country, businesses have attempted to figure out creative approaches to navigate the “new normal” … Continue reading Local Outreach in a Pandemic

Who do I support? (A Guide for Missions-Minded Churches)

Recently I was asked by a leader at another church, “How does your church decide which missionaries to support?” If you have ever worked at a church, you have probably encountered this question. There are thousands of missionaries, needing thousands of prayers and thousands of dollars in support, and your church cannot support them all! … Continue reading Who do I support? (A Guide for Missions-Minded Churches)