Non-Financial Ways to Support a Missionary

As a church member, I listened to many missionaries come to my church, talk about their ministry, and present the opportunity to sow a financial seed into the work they were doing. I would often feel drawn to them, engage in conversation with them after the service, and ask how I could help, only to … Continue reading Non-Financial Ways to Support a Missionary

Empowering Mothers

Food for the Hungry has been one of my favorite organizations for years. I’ve had the joy of sponsoring several kiddos through them, and while I lived in Uganda I even had the opportunity to meet one of my sponsored kids! During this visit, I got to see what Food for the Hungry (FH) does … Continue reading Empowering Mothers

See the Invisible Girl: an Interview with Jill McElya of Invisible Girl Project

A few weeks ago I sat at my desk at home, typing out a blog about 200 million missing girls and deeply thinking about the impact of a single post. I knew I had found this amazing organization, Invisible Girl Project, but IGP was one of the only organizations on my list that I had … Continue reading See the Invisible Girl: an Interview with Jill McElya of Invisible Girl Project

200 Million Girls

As I type this, my city is on complete shut-down. The southern United States simply doesn’t know how to function when it gets below forty degrees, and Lafayette, Louisiana actually closes for days at a time in the few cases when it ventures below freezing. This winter has been an anomaly, however: three snows in … Continue reading 200 Million Girls

Defeating Supply and Demand

Commodity: a material or product that that has value and can be bought or sold.  It can be inspiring and uplifting to think of our involvement in seeing people rescued from sex trafficking. Unfortunately, we have to consider some ugly truths if we truly want to see this injustice end. Warning: the facts below some may … Continue reading Defeating Supply and Demand